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Painting Challenge - June

Hello friends! Have you been enjoying the sun and all of its gifts? It sure has been warm out there, and with people returning to the wild, navigating the world has become a much different experience than it was this time last year. Speaking of new experiences, lets dive into this month's haul! LOBSTERPOT I've mentioned Samuel Allan before, when I was converting these models for a little playset not unlike my Never Going Home-work. Lobsterpot was a setting that captured my imagination while working through Turnip28 and Salvatore28, so I set my future-self up for success and made a small collection of strangers. I chose Outpost Wargames Service for their chunky metal models and the garb of their Highwaymen range, and gave them all very shallow conversions to illustrate a corruptive force coursing through a 17th century community. As I saw it, I wanted to make a collection of civilians and civilians driven to violence. In the world of Lobsterpot, resources are scarce

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