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Fabulous Muscles

It's a really good Xiu Xiu song , but it's also a horde of toys one of my clients sent me not too long ago. Recently a client asked if I'd be down to paint some of his favorite M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, and given my proclivity towards small cool dudes I said yes immediately.  While I am no expert in this field of collectable miniatures, the quick history of this line is thus: Kinnikuman was a manga that hit Shonen Jump in the late 70's about intergalactic professional wrestling, later spawning and anime and several toy lines, one of which being these keshi. They're about 2 inches tall and are cast in rubbery single color plastics, making them durable and characterful, as their sculpts often include a great amount of detail. I'm poorly paraphrasing this article from Mentalfloss  but the gist is that they were fun collectable miniatures from the 80's, and as a wargaming enthusiast I find that super relatable. Some masterfully painted treasures from Mike's Pai

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